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About Us

Music is of value to all parts of society because it offers personal growth, enculturation, and most of all a well-rounded education. Though every person may differ in music aptitude, with the right environment everyone is capable of learning to play and appreciate music regardless of his or her age. Learning music is similar to learning a language, therefore it is important to allow students to “speak” or play more at the early stages of learning. Each lesson plan is tailored so that students can learn from their own experience set within specific guidelines. 

Present day music teaching methods are too focused on the product and not the process itself. Instead, we teach our students to make manageable goals for each piano lesson so that they can feel a sense of achievement throughout the entire learning process. The smaller goals keep the students motivated constantly enabling them to become a better musician. By focusing on the process of learning, students are learning a set of skills that will enable them to learn pieces quicker and allow for a more rewarding end product. They also are able to apply these learning skills to many different areas of study, which enhances their personal growth. Through the Chesapeake School of Music, we hope to create an enjoyable learning experience and share what we love most with everyone.

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